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First Chance at Love

Dear Bitter Single Guy: I have incredible standards. I am never attracted to anyone who isn’t a perfect 10. I’m a junior in high school, and I have never had a girlfriend. It’s not that I have no confidence or I’m butt ugly or anything. Normally the girls I like are out of my league. My best friend introduced me to a girl just recently, about a month ago. She wasn’t a super model, but there was an instant attraction to her. She doesn’t treat me like the other girls.

Now, all of my friends know that I am interested in her. I think she may be interested in me. We have a lot of physical contact in school and she makes me walk her to class. It’s hard, though. My best friend, we will call him Fred, is best friends with her. He constantly offers his help, which I don’t always want.  Another thing is, he’s always around when I am with her. Since they are best friends, he’s too much of a distracter and he steals time I want with her. I can’t invite her to just hang out with me one on one, that’s too forward. When we all hangout, the same thing happens. It’s also like, we are really good friends in school. Outside of school, we don’t talk much outside of facebook (yes I know). We have talked on the phone once, she called me. Apparently Fred and her talk on the phone constantly. She isn’t interested in Fred, though. Fred is more of the “best friend” guy, not the boyfriend.

What do you suggest I do? Should I grow some balls and call her? That’s random, what would we talk about? How do I get my relationship deeper with her, while Fred is there? How can I take the spotlight off him? ~Ready for First Base~


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Dear RFB: The Bitter Single Guy thinks you know the answer to this already: grow some balls and call her. Clearly, she’s already demonstrated sufficient testicular fortitude to call you, right? If she’s not interested in Fred, but he’s constantly mucking up your time with her, then the BSG thinks it’s likely that Fred is interested in her and is using his powers of annoyance to ruin your chances. Sounds like he’s succeeding, eh RFB?

Call her on the phone and talk to her. Invite her out for an eggnog latte…it’s the season for those, right? Yes, it’s forward and yes it may seem random, but it will send the message that you want to send which is “I’m interested in you.” Annnddd……GO!

By the way RFB, “only interested in those who are a perfect 10″? The BSG promises that approach to love is going to bite you in the ass sometime, so he recommends getting ready.