Welcome to the EEPB Healthcare Dashboard 

Financial business intelligence and analysis

One of the biggest challenges facing healthcare practices and providers today is managing current, historical, and forecasted financial business metrics, especially with the changes coming into effect from the Affordable Care Act.  Our proven solution imports data straight from your practice software and financial systems, and integrates them with regional / state / federal healthcare data.  It provides a 360° view on the health of your staff, practice, and performance against key indicators for your business and competition.

  • Practice Dashboard - Historical Analysis for the business
    • Historical Charges/Collections/Rejections
    • Comparative analytics (doctor to doctor, seasonal / YOY trends)
    • E&M Code Distribution
    • Aged Accounts Receivable

  • Doctor Dashboard - Key Performance Indicators for providers
    • GCP performance
    • Net Income trending
    • YTD/seasonal charges and rejections stats
    • Physician / PA Accounts Receivable tracking

  • Analytics Dashboard - Ad-hoc data mining and visualization 
    • Self-service analytics and data discovery
    • Rich tabular and chart options
    • One-click drill down from chart to data table

Click HERE to watch the demo


Getting started is easy.  Just follow these simple steps:

1  Enter practice data on providers, CPT codes, and insurers (one-time)

2  Upload spreadsheet data from your source systems (monthly)

3  Evaluate practice and doctor analytics with pre-built and ad-hoc dashboards